The divine Self summit

A conscious approach to spiritual growth

Join 25 experts for a 5-day journey to explore your mind, body, spirit, relationship with abundance, and conscious community.

An Immersive soul journey of the self, through the self

Held during the transformative portal of the summer solstice

June 21st through June 25th, 2021

Benefits from being a part of this amazing journey

  • Insights into who you truly are
  • Clarifying your true purpose 
  • Align with your most authentic self
  • Unleash your inner badass 
  • Community and sense of belonging and true connections
  • Access your divine higher self 
  • Bring awareness to outstanding relationships and conscious language
  • Empower yourself to create the community and relationships you desire

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The Divine Self Summit has been created with the intention of shining light onto who you truly are so you can align with your most authentic self and unleash your inner badass.
As you gain clarity of your true purpose in this life, you’ll begin to build community and nourish a sense of belonging and true connections with your soul family. This summit is an all-encompassing approach to healing with inner magic.

5 days of Transformative Topics


Meeting of Our Conscious Minds


The Beautification of the Body


You are Soul Matched with Spirit


Prosperity & Abundance


Why Relationships & Community Matter

This summit is for you if you are:

  • Stuck in old patterns
  • Having trouble discovering your soul’s purpose
  • Struggling with negative self talk
  • Living in the scarcity mindset
  • Are aware of energy blockages and are wanting to overcome them
  • Afraid of being seen because of body shaming
  • Disconnected from your relationship with yourself and others
  • Having trouble with setting boundaries and saying “NO!” 
  • Inconsistent with commitments 
  • Looking for guidance on communicating your fucking needs and discovering your love language 
  • Scared to receive love due to childhood wounds
  • Consistently attracting shitty people into your life
  • Having money blocks and feel unworthy of attracting abundance
  • Fearful of spending your money
  • Experiencing difficulty cultivating a relationship with your Higher Power

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